Cyber Risk

litigation experience in defending cyber claims

Knowledge of privacy and cybersecurity laws, HIPAA standards, and insurance coverage combined with extensive litigation experience make Harman Claytor uniquely suited to handle a wide spectrum of issues facing a client with a data breach.  Our team can assist clients with evaluation of privacy and data security regulations and advise them on compliance with those regulations and risk avoidance.  In the event of a data breach, we will assist with crisis management and response, including investigation, reporting and disclosure, mitigation, and assessment of liability exposure.  We work with our clients to retain third party vendors to handle forensic analysis, credit monitoring, call centers, and other crisis management needs.  We also advise our clients on the availability of insurance coverage for their data breach and cyber security incidents.

In addition to our ability to work with corporate clients on data breach prevention and response, our Cyber Risk Team counsels insurer clients on coverage for cyber claims under all types of policies, including Commercial General Liability, Errors & Omissions, and Specialty Cyber Risk Policies.  We evaluate and advise on coverage obligations for a broad range of cyber claims, such as ransomware, cyber extortion, cyber breaches, e-crimes, and unauthorized disclosure of personally identifiable information and health information.   Finally, we provide monitoring services for our insurer clients after a data breach to mitigate damages and policy compliance.


Cyber Risk Contacts