Staff Spotlight – Monica Covington-Parker

Harman Claytor Corrigan & Wellman’s Staff Spotlight for May is Monica Covington-Parker. Monica has been a Legal Assistant at Harman Claytor for 13 years, but has been in the legal field for 33 years total.


1. What is a brief summary of your employment background? — I served six years (active and reserves) in the Army as an administrative specialist.   I continued in the clerical arena and have been a legal secretary/assistant for the past 33 years.   

2. Where are you from originally? — Pittsburgh, PA.

3. How would your best friend describe you in three words? — Loyal, ambitious, fun.

4. What is at the top of your bucket list? — Trip to Africa.

5. What is your definition of success? — Fulfilling your endeavors and enjoying the dynamics of your life – whatever they may be. 

6. What advice would you give your younger self?  — Be content not complacent.

7. What has been your most meaningful accomplishment so far? — Being a part of the Veterans family, and honoring those who are or have been on the frontlines, especially those who have given the ultimate sacrifice, their lives.

8. What is the greatest challenge you have had to overcome in your life thus far? — Fighting cancer.

9. What is the most important thing you have learned in the last five years? — After losing my husband four years ago, it really sunk in just how short life is, and that you truly need to live it in whatever way fulfills you.

10. You’re happiest when… — I’m cruising (carefree and enjoying whatever I feel like – kind of being incognito). 

11. Do you have a motto or personal mantra? — Failures and mistakes lead to betterment, if you allow for it.

12. What’s the best trip you’ve ever been on and why? — Paris.  It was like a fairytale – beautiful attractions, lots of lights, glitz and glamour.

13. What would your perfect weekend look like? — A spa day with the works, then winding down with a glass or two, or three (we won’t say how many) of wine and watching a few good movies.

14. What’s a cause that you are passionate about? — Supporting St. Jude.

15. What’s something that you’ve always wanted to try or learn? — Braille and it continues to be of interest to me.

16. What is the first thing you would buy if you won the lottery? — A house on the lake.

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