Products Liability

Experience in defending products liability cases

Harman Claytor’s Products Liability Practice Group represents companies that design, manufacture, market, distribute and sell consumer products and materials. Our highly experienced defense attorneys and staff serve as your steadfast legal partner, handling the complex legal, technical, and scientific issues that frequently arise when facing a product liability claim, including claims of negligence, strict liability, breach of implied and express warranties, and indemnification. We work closely with experienced consultants in the fields of engineering, accident reconstruction, warnings and instructions, human factors, and biomechanics.

Our Product Liability team has successfully defended claims involving a wide array of products, including juvenile products, motor vehicles, industrial products and equipment, sports and recreational equipment, medical and pharmaceutical devices, food products and containers, aircraft, and toxic tort matters, including asbestos, silica, lead paint, and Chinese drywall.

Our attorneys also serve as local counsel for major manufacturers and retailers, assisting national counsel in navigating the state and federal court systems in Virginia and the Washington DC area. Our clients benefit from legal guidance regarding insurance issues, warnings, due diligence, investigations and product testing. Our multifaceted product liability expertise provides the legal guidance our clients need in all stages of business.