Medical Malpractice

Experience in medical malpractice

Harman Claytor’s Medical Malpractice Group handles cases through both its Virginia and Washington, DC offices. The team is dedicated to representing and defending large teaching hospitals, doctors, mid-level provider, nurses, pharmacists, skilled nursing facilities and other health care providers. The Medical Malpractice Group represents health care providers in lawsuits in state and federal courts, before professional licensing boards and in credentialing matters. All team members have significant experience in complex medical claims.

The team has defended claims involving a wide range of medical specialties and medical care, including birth injury; emergency services and trauma medicine; cardiothoracic surgery and cardiology; peripheral vascular surgery; obstetrics & gynecology, oncology, general surgery; orthopaedics; neurosurgery and neurology; radiology; pathology; failure to diagnose or delayed diagnosis of cancer; and medical equipment malfunction..

The challenges of defending medical malpractice claims are significant, including the complexity of the medicine and the importance of relating to our health care provider clients on the front lines of patient care. The Medical Malpractice team at Harman Claytor has the skills and experience to handle these challenges from pre-suit evaluation through trial. We work to provide both the health care provider and insurer with prompt and careful assessments, and we ensure that our health care provider clients are supported through every step of litigation, licensing, and credentialing matters.