Virginia Business – Legal Elite – 2020

Harman Claytor Corrigan & Wellman, P.C. would like to congratulate the following 31 attorneys for being selected by their peers for inclusion in the 2020 Edition of Virginia Business Legal Elite.       

William J. G. Barnes– Civil Litigation

Lynne Jones Blain– Civil Litigation

Caroline L. Callahan– Young Lawyer

Jeremy D. Capps– Labor/Employment

Sarah M. Collie – Young Lawyer

David P. Corrigan– Civil Litigation

Dannel C. Duddy– Young Lawyer

M. Scott Fisher, Jr.– Young Lawyer

Danielle D. Giroux– Civil Litigation

Michael E. Harman – Alternative Dispute Resolution

Kenneth C. Hirtz– Civil Litigation

James R. Jebo– Civil Litigation

Juliane C. Miller– Civil Litigation

Soroush N. Moghaddassi– Young Lawyer

Saemi Murphy– Young Lawyer

Jon A. Nichols– Civil Litigation

B. Patrick O’Grady– Young Lawyer

John R. Owen– Construction

Julie S. Palmer– Civil Litigation

Elizabeth O. Papoulakos– Young Lawyer

Elizabeth S. Skilling– Administrative Government

Danielle Matie Smith – Young Lawyer

George A. Somerville– Appellate Law

Clinton W. Verity– Civil Litigation

Megan A. Wagner – Young Lawyer

Stanley P. Wellman– Civil Litigation

Simone T. Williams– Young Lawyer

Britton R. Wight – Young Lawyer

Leslie A. Winneberger– Civil Litigation

W. Benjamin Woody– Young Lawyer

Melissa Y. York– Young Lawyer